Be a Monster to protect.

The world is conditioned to groom us and to make us believe that we have to act in a certain way and we have to aim for certain things and reach them. There is nothing completely wrong with them, having a goal, aiming for it, mastering the discipline to reach it, all these are good and necessary for humans.

The problem is with the over conceptualization of things that are worth achieving. Problem is that we were told by others over and over again that these are the only ones that are important. Problem is with the marketing of these particular jobs, degrees as the only necessities and by doing this we are not grooming the other vital qualities of creativity, understanding, discerning between what is true and what is not. People are not becoming who they are supposed to be or who they want to be, but they are more and more becoming something that they are being told they should be.

Now, you could be good, disciplined, co-operative all you want, but you can’t be a pushover. You can’t be someone who lets others decide things for you. And the only way to know who you are is through unlearning, self-reflecting, through deciding your own boundaries.

When you know all these,when you know what you want out of this world and what you want to contribute to this world, you will know who you are.

And if to do all these, to save yourself from the world, its voices and expectations, if you have to be little intimidating and less accepting, then you might as well be a monster that can protect itself.

Trying to do the right thing!