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Emotions play a key part in day to day life. No matter what you do as a human being there is always a emotion attached to it. One of the things, we could all agree, is that we weren’t properly to handle our emotions. And we could all, also agree that it had cost us in taking an opportunity, tangled us in attending a conflict or just expressing our self with superior conduct.

With the rise in knowledge around mental health and studies being conducted into why we are, the way we are through multiple fields of…

A brief story of what UX really is and more importantly what isn’t…


It’s 7 P.M, you just returned from work and you are starving. Like “Karodo log” in India, you opened ‘Swiggy’, ordered food and waiting for delivery. You have decided to freshen up and delivery was done just by the time you are done and you thought ‘Wow!!!’.

You received the delivery and opened to take a bite of the food. But, wait, the packing is a bit complex and it took you longer and you are a bit frustrated due to the hunger and you tore…

We can make things a little better for ourselves.

Honestly, this pandemic has been longer than anyone thought it could be, now that you’ve reached September, I guess you’ve run through all series and films you wanna watch and have just about started feeling bored.

There are a few things we could still do to make our days better. They aren’t exactly hard, they aren’t limited to the pandemic and will create a difference on a holistic scale.

Things discussed here aren’t mentioned based on a scientific study but are things that helped me and are written based on my observation.


Making a goal for the long term…

5 Netflix series, that didn’t receive the attention, they should have.

Netflix is great, the shows are amazing and yes we did watch a lot of great content. Apart from the great content we watched, there are a few series that deserved more fame, yet failed to receive.

  1. Altered Carbon

Honestly this show has to be one of the best Sci-FI out there.

Human beings that achieve immortality by changing their Sleeves(human body) as clothes and can look like whoever they want to be and take on the physical characteristics, mind-muscle coordination, strength, endurance makes it an action packed series…

A simple psychology behind our regrets.

Regrets are an integral part of human life. Nobody lives a life, where they don’t regret things they have done and question themselves, why they did, what they did.

But regrets aren’t just regrets. Regrets speak a lot about us, they are door to our heart and mind, they teach us how we have lived a life and act as a reflection of our thoughts.

Regrets occur because of two reasons:

  1. Inaction.

2. Growth.


Inaction is a simple task of not taking action, when you felt like taking one.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why didn’t I take that…

Be a Monster to protect.

The world is conditioned to groom us and to make us believe that we have to act in a certain way and we have to aim for certain things and reach them. There is nothing completely wrong with them, having a goal, aiming for it, mastering the discipline to reach it, all these are good and necessary for humans.

The problem is with the over conceptualization of things that are worth achieving. Problem is that we were told by others over and over again that these are the only ones that are important. Problem is…

Siddarth Vyaas

Trying to do the right thing!

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